How we are different


Team Approach

We have 6 active, licensed agents in the office and no matter who answers the telephone, they can and will be happy to help you so you do not have to wait for your specific agent to call you back.



We have someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays. We forward our office phones to our cell phones so you never go without a quick response.



We have direct links to Customer Service Representatives with all of the carriers and personal relationships with all the local carrier contacts. We hear there are very few agents in Arkansas who are as involved and in touch with their clients as we are. We take care of our clients as if we were dealing with our own family's claims or questions. We are advocates for our clients.


Customer Service: TRULY looking out for the CUSTOMER

We built our business on small business. We treat all our clients, small or large, as if they are the only client we have. We focus our attention to every single call with that client's best interest at heart. All are treated with respect and with the urgency they deserve.


That is the Stepka Difference!